A Shopping We Will Go!!

It is all about shopping tips, products of the week, and how to get the best deals at DOLLAR STORES!!

Dollar Tree - https://www.dollartree.com/

Family Dollar - https://www.familydollar.com/

Dollar General - https://www.dollargeneral.com/

Product of the Week

This week's product is one we all love...bags. Not only a bag but one that reads "i do CREW". Now, now...I know what you are thinking - wedding season is over. Why would I want this bag? But think about it...this bag is great for holding stuff for an upcoming wedding or to have as a talking piece. If this bag is not for you, Dollar Tree has an array of other cute bags that are great for carrying things like fall picnic items, books, or hauls from Dollar Tree.

Click here to view these bags on Dollar Tree's website.

Alright...Fall/Halloween decorating is in full swing. I was in Family Dollar the other day and both seasons threw up all over the store. The $5 Happy Halloween sign is a perfect grab for your front porch, Halloween display, or other area. 

If Halloween is not your thing, grab some Fall-theme items like pumpkins, orange candles, throw pillows, etc. to decorate your space. Prices range from $1 up to $5. Look for Fall-themed endcaps throughout your local Family Dollar.

Click Here to visit Family Dollar's Fall Shop.

Click Here to visit Family Dollar's Halloween Shop.

Don't forget...Dollar Tree has witch socks, leggings, and other wearable items to dress up like your favorite Halloween character. 

Must Haves...You got to get to Dollar Tree and get the below signs...these Fall signs are perfect for any display, counter, desk, wall, etc. Get two!! Get them now!!

Don't Forget!

This week's Don't Forget items are the gnome Fall sign for $1.25 and the simple but cute Flower Market coffee cup. The gnome sign is perfect for pairing with any Halloween sign or in a harvest display. The little gnome is so cute. Buy two so he won't feel alone. 

The coffee cup is perfect for hot chocolate, coffee, and even adult beverages. Get 2 or more cups and add them to your harvest display. 

Both Dollar Tree and Family Dollar have a variety of harvest, Halloween, and regular-theme coffee cups. Feel free to mix and match cups. The more...the better!!

The Flower Market cups are also perfect for growing flowers or herbs out of!! Hmm...buy them all. 

Click Here to check out Dollar Tree's cup selection.