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Nick's World -
Las Cruces Railroad Museum

I love trains and I love the history of trains. I also love the Las Cruces Railroad Museum. I had a great visit to the museum today. So much history there. The museum is the original Las Cruces train depot. You walk through and take a step back in time. All of the original equipment is in the depot including the teletype, train whistle, service counters, and even the Fred Harvey convenience store. I love it!!

Check out the Las Cruces Railroad Museum's website by
clicking here.

Here are some pictures, to the right, from my walk back in time at the museum/depot.

Check out my Facebook page to see additional pictures and a video.
Click here to see it!!

Welcome to MY World!!


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Nick's World -
R & R Days

I strongly believe everyone needs some rest and relaxation. I take R & R days at least several times a month to just recharge myself. R & R days, formally known as Diva Days, consist of breakfast in bed, good coffee, my favorite movies/shows, lots of good food, and lots of good drinks. I may even go shopping on R & R days. It is all about escaping from the world and doing what I want to do. It is all about ME!

Over Thanksgiving, I had a great R & R holiday. So much rest and relaxation. I am loving life and ready for the new work week!!

Welcome to MY World!!


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Nick's World - New Instagram

New Instagram account -


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Nick's World – Self-Care Challenge

Self Care is all about renewing, resetting, building yourself up, and learning to love the best version of YOURSELF. Self care is all about YOU. You are the most important person in your life. Without you, you would not exist. In order to care for others, you have to be right inside and out.

So...this challenge is all about you and improving you. To start, you need to stop worrying and trust the process of reinventing yourself.

Here is my self-care plan for the next two weeks – you can steal it if you want:

Sundays –

1. Work for only 2 hours to crush my savings challenge.

2. Walk for 1 hour to crush my daily walking goal.

3. Eat two cups of salad for lunch and then have a smoothie for dinner.

4. Do household chores early.

Mondays -

1. Kick off the work week early and don't worry about work. I know I am going to crush the day.

2. After work, do some restorative yoga while listening to my favorite songs.

3. Have a simple breakfast, a very lite lunch, and then a salad for dinner.

4. Drink two glasses of apple cider vinegar mixture (ACV).

Tuesdays – My Busiest Day -

  1. Coffee to start the day and get my mind right for crushing work.

  2. Mid-day walk in between work projects to recharge my mind and kick start reducing my weight.

  3. After work, have a glass of hot tea to switch up my liquid intake.

    4. Enjoy a big salad for dinner and have as many glasses of ACV I can drink.

Wednesdays -

  1. Live in the NOW! Push any thoughts of the past out of my mind.

  2. Enjoy a large cup of coffee and prepare for the work day.

  3. Spend 20 minutes doing breathing exercises.

  4. Have soup for dinner and one big glass of ACV.

Thursdays -

  1. Today is all about essential oils and using them first thing this morning.

  2. Enjoy coffee, essential oils, water, and ACV first thing this morning.

  3. Make a list of this week's Daily Wins. Record these wins in my Challenge Bullet Journal (you can record these in your regular journal since you don't have a Nick A. Davis Challenge Bullet Journal).

  4. Before bed, complete one simple creative project – a scrapbook page, a sketch, a cute journal entry, etc.

Fridays -

  1. Write a gratitude journal entry – think about everything I am grateful for and write this stuff down!

  2. Listen to a new podcast during my morning coffee. Prepare my mind for work.

  3. Work, have a lite lunch, work, end my day on a high note, and then return home happy and ready for the weekend.

  1. Try something different for dinner – but I have to remember it must be vegan!

Saturdays -

  1. Work early and then head to the Farmer's Market in downtown Las Cruces.

  2. Visit the library and check out 5 books to read over the weekend while sipping hot tea.

  3. Enjoy a lite lunch while sitting outside.

  4. Collect medium-sized rocks and do some rock painting while enjoying a smoothie for dinner.

  5. Top off Saturday night by having a hot bath!

I am repeating this self-care plan for two weeks. I may extend this self-care until 2022.

Welcome to MY World!!


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Nick's World - How Is the Challenge22?

My Challenge22 is going great!! I am down in pounds and I am working toward getting to 199 pounds. I have been faithful to the challenge. is not easy. I go to bed hungry and I am wanting candy, meat, cheese, butter, and all of the other things. BUT I am fighting myself and not giving in. I am loving it!

I do feel better and my stomach issues have gone away. Meat is not my friend and without it...I have no stomach issues. Sooooo...I am going to keep this “challenge” going beyond the 22 days. I am done with stomach issues.

Well...I am off to do a project that doesn't involve food!!

Welcome to MY World!!


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Nick's World - Challenge22 – I Kicked It Off

Yesterday, Sept 24th, I started the Challenge22 program – it is 22 days of being a vegan. I got through Day I and I feel great. So far on Day II, I had some tofu, coffee, and a lite salad. The challenge is exciting. I can already feel the benefits including no stomach issues this morning, a little more energy this morning, and a little more of a drive to get things done today.

The challenge consists of joining a Facebook group, completing daily tasks, eating all plant-based foods, and trying new plant-based meals. I went to the store yesterday and loaded up on all the veggies I could get. To be truthful, I only spent $19 and got three bags of veggies. Usually, $19 is just one piece of meat.

Check back daily to see my progress!

To start the challenge, click here!

Welcome to MY World!!


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Nick's World - Getting Ready for Fall

Oh my...summer is ending very soon and I am preparing myself for fall. I am not going to badmouth fall. I am going to enter this season with a positive attitude and a list of things I am going to CRUSH.

Here is my list:

  • I am starting the 22-day Vegan Challenge on Friday, Sept 24th

  • I am walking every day – I have already started this. I feel great!

  • I am going to sort, declutter, and finish projects that I stored away years ago.

  • I am going to get some car repairs done.

  • I am going to pay off some bills.

  • And finally...I am going to blog more!!

These little six things are going to be easy to CRUSH. I am not going to overwhelm myself with a long list. The first item on the list is one I have to complete. The last time I attempted the Vegan Challenge, I failed and I am NOT going to fail this time.

I am going to CRUSH ALL OF THIS!

Welcome to MY World!!


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Life In 'Cruces – Summer Photos


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Life In 'Cruces – My Birthday – Big 48th!

I am speechless – in a few hours...I will be 48 years old. I don't feel a day over 22...but I am older. I am thanking the angels and devils for bringing me through life. I am EXHALING all over Las Cruces today. I am playing Whitney Houston right now and EXHALING.

I am in a good place saying goodbye to 47. I have accomplished a lot at 47 and I kept my nose to the ground to get everything done.

Welcome to My World!!


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Life In 'Cruces – Big Move – Part II

The Big Move is DONE and I am in a happy place. A fresh start – a restart after a long time of crazy. I am in my place...but I am still going to get a travel trailer to use for adventures around New Mexico.

Now the move is done, I can focus on getting my travel trailer. I am also going to focus on “first time doing this” things. This week's primary project is to clean up the cars. Get them ready for adventures. For the next six months, non-stop car/apartment projects.

I am excited and ready to really live!

The move was not bad because I planned it fully...I took it to the max!!

Over the next five months - work, save money, crush projects, and ENJOY LIFE!!

Welcome to My World!!


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Life In 'Cruces – Big Move – Part I

I don't even know where to start...I moved into my Las Cruces place this weekend. It feels so surreal, it feels so refreshing, it feels like a glass of red wine, and it feels like exhaling after holding your breath for soooo long.

My place feels like the next chapter in my life. I feel like I have been spinning my wheels since 2011. I have been doing nothing but working and just going through the motions. This move, this place, and this overall city – Las Cruces is a “fresh start” for me. It is time to put away the negative, it is time to end the daily grind of life, it is time to enjoy life once again, and it is time for ME.

Back to the was great...great food, great drinks, great shopping, and great fun in the little town in southern New Mexico. I love the slow pace of Las Cruces. I can't wait to stand in the middle of Main Street and scream. I can't wait to wake up to a different sunrise.

In 11 days, I will be moving to Las Cruces full-time. I am ready to relax and enjoy life. Unlike other moves, I am in no rush to get everything unpacked. I am going to take my time and stop rushing life. I am really going to adopt “manana” - an indefinite time in the future, futurity, time to come, hereafter - the time yet to come.

Well...I am back in Albuquerque for the next week and a half. I have to wrap everything up and put an ugly bow on the stuff.

I am so ready to EXHALE!!

Welcome to MY SOON to be Life In ‘Cruces!!


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Life In 'Cruces – Lease Is Signed

I did a little BIG thing last weekend...I signed the lease on my Las Cruces apartment. I am moving this coming Friday and I am over the moon. The U-Haul is booked and I have a car trailer for Baby Volvo. I am ready to ride down I-25 with the last load of stuff.

Let me tell you about the is very vintage and fits my 1970s theme. I hate I didn't take any pictures while I was doing the walkthrough. I had to rush through the process because it was raining outside. I had to sign the lease, pay my money, get my key, and rush out of the city to get back to ABQ for work. It rained all day last Monday and the drive back was a rough one. But it was worth it to get in my place. You may be asking...what about the travel trailer? Oh yes...I am still purchasing one and going on the road with many trips.

Check out the latest TT Post...

So...I have been super busy on this adventure. I am returning to ABQ next Sunday and then I will only have 13 days until my LAST day in Albuquerque!! Saturday, July 24th will be my first full day living in Las Cruces.

Welcome to MY SOON to be Life In ‘Cruces!!


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Life In 'Cruces – Summer Road Trip

I am going on a road trip tomorrow, June 27th, I am going to Las Cruces for an appointment on Monday. I am beyond excited to end this month with a road trip. A much-needed escape from ABQ. A much-needed escape to the city I am moving to. My Baby Volvo is READY and excited too!!

I had a great week of unexpected money, unexpected good news, unexpected CRUSHING IT, and the first week of Summer. Summer is official here and I have been working hard getting ready so I can relax in the coming months.

Let me recap the month:

  • My multiple jobs are all transferred to Las Cruces except for one. One job I will still be doing here in ABQ. I am going to do it until I can't do it anymore.

  • I found some great 1970s fabric I am going to use in my new place.

  • I managed to get both cars road ready for the move.

  • I did cut some of my expenses...but I need to work harder to cut expenses. I just love to shop though. I know I need to save more and spend less.

  • My diet is up and down. I still need to walk more.

  • And finally...I am loving the hot weather. Come on 100+ temperatures.


Welcome to MY SOON to be Life In ‘Cruces!!


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Life In 'Cruces – I Am Ready for Summer 2021

Summer 2021 is coming in two days. I am on fire this is what is happening:

  1. I returned to a previous job this week that allows me to set my own schedule, take off whenever I want, work alone, and enjoy lunch out every work day. I start next month once I move to Las Cruces.

  2. I CRUSHED it on Job II and Job III.

  3. I got all of my house chores done this week – EARLY!

  4. I only have a few more boxes to pack.

  5. I am taking off Monday to do some training on my previous job. I got to get on my A-Game with this job and blow it out of the water.

In almost a month...I will be in Las Cruces. I am excited but the move really hasn't hit me yet. I turned in my 30+ intent to vacate notice. I also went ahead and got my driver's license renewed. My next big thing is to get my UPS Store mailbox down in Las Cruces.

I must say though...I am so ready to move on with my life. I am leaving Job I and not looking back. I am stepping out of office life for at least two years. I am not going to miss dealing with all of that mess. I am not going to miss any of that mess.

I feel like a spinning wheel. I am still waiting to exhale...I am waiting to scream at the top of my lungs. I am waiting to get all of this bottled up tension out. I am waiting to look at the sky differently. I am waiting to focus, once again, on my success and my moments. I was asked this week if I cared about leaving jobs without notice...I said without a pause, HELL NO! Jobs use you and I use jobs. No job is a career and no career is a job. Read that again!

I am good with this move and this rebirth of Nick A. Davis.

Tonight...I am working on computer stuff and relaxing. I had a 10-hour day today and I am done. It is hot outside, but nice and cold inside. I am loving my relaxing Saturday night!!

On the website front, I am adding some new photos to the online photo gallery this coming week.

Welcome to MY SOON to be Life In ‘Cruces!!


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Life In 'Cruces – Pride and What?

Well...I skipped the Pride parade this year. I didn't even think about the parade. I worked Job II early Saturday morning and then I came home to do chores. With the move...I don't really have time to enjoy all of the Pride events. I didn't even watch the news to see any highlights from the parade.

I also didn't visit Facebook Saturday morning, afternoon, or evening. I shaved my head, got the patio cleaned off, made a salad, cleaned the bathroom, and did all my ironing. This morning...I got up packing stuff from under the bed. I have a laundry list of things to do today and I am ready!

Looking back at last week... I was busy but not too busy. I CRUSHED a lot of goals and managed to find the 1970s fabric for Little Nicky. I also picked up the wooden numbers “7” and “3” for a special project for my birthday. I also found the Mickey Mouse Disco album from the 1970s. I grabbed it off eBay for only $6. I am slowly collecting all the 1970s stuff for my next place.

Well...let me get back to CRUSHING life!!

Welcome to MY SOON to be Life In ‘Cruces!!


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Life In 'Cruces – Happy June 2021 and Happy Pride Month!

I am writing this post from a lovely patio in Nob Hill, Albuquerque. I am taking a "Diva Day" to reset my mind, body, soul, and overall EVERYTHING. It has been a big week of working hard, saving money, crushing life, and counting down the days before my big move!

Let me begin with Monday - I had a great holiday of relaxing, sipping wine, and watching my shows. I was in bed the entire day and I loved it. Tuesday - OMG! Work, Work, Work, and more work. Tuesday was like two Mondays combined. But I had no idea that Tuesday would lead to "Kick My Ass" Wednesday. I worked from 6:30 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. doing two jobs. Job I was all about end-of-month billing and Job III was all about stocking magazines. I love both jobs but both jobs together are so much. I can't gripe about it though...I only have 48 days left before I leave ABQ!

Well...back to my week. Thursday kicked off with me taking Little Nicky to the shop for a timing belt. I was late to Job I and that seemed to toss my entire day into "late mode". I was blessed in the end though - Little Nicky didn't need the belt replaced, the car only needed front brakes and an air filter. My boss took me to get the car after the repairs were done, and I saved $400. I was beyond happy.

Friday came in smooth and I drove Little Nicky to Job I. I worked slowly and relaxed most of the day. Now, I am kicking off Summer 2021 by enjoying myself - a good breakfast, a cocktail, some good coffee, and some light shopping. is time for ME!! Time for ME to CRUSH some ME goals this weekend!

Welcome to My SOON to be Life In 'Cruces!!


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Memorial Day and Everything After

May has been a month of “Crushing it” in all areas of my life. I kicked off a new diet plan, I worked extra hours on Job III, I resumed the packing process, and I got Little Nicky scheduled for his timing belt change. I have been BUSY as hell!!

On the spending front, I did overspend by $400, but I am OK with it. At one of my spending parties, LOL, I got a gorgeous, white, vintage Mac iBook G4 laptop. I have always wanted one and I found it on eBay for only $63.00. I had to get early birthday gift. is now Memorial Day weekend and I am off Monday. I wish I was going out of town, but I am staying in and packing boxes. I am going to grill some tasty treats later on today though. Monday, I am going to stay in bed all day and watch my shows.

So...what is happening after Monday:

  1. Little Nicky is going to the repair shop Thursday

  2. I am booking the second UHaul truck Friday

  3. I am purchasing the ball assembly/hitch for Little Nicky Saturday

  4. "No Spending June" starts Tuesday

  5. June is all about wrapping up loose ends – packing the last of the stuff, paying off little bills, and SAVING money!!

Welcome to MY SOON to be Life In ‘Cruces!!


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Life In 'Cruces – Summer Is Coming

Spring is still springing, but summer is right around the corner.

The summer of 2021 is all about moving, turning 48, and kicking off the next chapter in my life. I have spent the last 12 years in Albuquerque and I am ready to get out of my daily grind. I am ready for new adventures and the ability to “exhale.” I keep going back to “exhaling” - the ability to breathe out in a deliberate manner.

Check Out – Whitney Houston – Shoop

I have held my breath for so many years. I have worked hard, did what I had to do, worked out problems/issues, and let things go that needed to go years ago. is time for me and my goals. It is time for me to reinvent myself, my brand, my life, and my happiness.

So...exhaling is my concept – my letting go and picking up my life in 2021. So far...five months in this year...I have been crushing bills, crushing jobs, crushing this blog, and crushing future plans.

On the diet front, I am adjusting to my Keto Diet and all of the foods I need to avoid. It has been going well. YEAH ME!

Welcome to MY SOON to be Life In ‘Cruces!!


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Life In 'Cruces - Me and Keto Diet

Well...I kicked off my Keto Diet today and so good!!

I have to admit it...I went off the road last year and enjoyed everything from ordering DoorDash to having wine and cocktails daily. I really enjoyed myself last year and most of this year. Now, I am ready to shape up and get healthy before my birthday.

I am turning 48 on August 8th and I want to have more energy and live a healthy lifestyle. I have gone on so many diets over the years and I know I will continue to try different diets until the day I die.

My latest...I am trying the Keto Diet. It is very similar to the Adkins Diet.

So...this is my plan:

  1. I am not going to call it a diet. I am going to call this a “lifestyle change”.

  2. I am going to walk every day for 30 minutes.

  3. I am going to put down the alcohol until August 8th.

  4. I am going to log my food and exercise – I am using the Slim Fast app to do this logging.

  5. I am not going to think about all the food I can't have.

So far...I kicked off this “lifestyle change” today and I feel great. Usually...I have a headache when I start a life change, but today I feel just fine. I worked earlier today and then I did some shopping. I had a Keto shake this morning and an oatmeal protein bar for lunch. I walked for 30 minutes and had a cup of coffee. Now...I am about to start drinking water and get some house chores done.

I am SUPER excited!!

Welcome to MY SOON to be Life In ‘Cruces!!


Life In ‘Cruces' de Provence Soup

1 large stockpot
2 large bags of mixed vegetables – frozen
1 Tbsp Herbes de Provence
5 cups vegetable stock
1 cup cold water
Fancy bowls
Toasted bread – cubed
Dijon mustard
French wine – white or red

Are you ready to visit France?

Let's Go...In a large stockpot over “Low” heat, combine mixed vegetables, Herbes de Provence, vegetable stock, and cold water. Let the soup cook for 1 hour, stirring the soup regularly, and then let the soup simmer for 10 minutes. While the soup is simmering, butter cubed bread with 1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard. Serve this hearty soup and bread with plenty of French wine.


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Life In 'Cruces - Cinco Late!

Cinco de Mayo was just a long day but I am not hurt. I worked hard on that day. I worked hard for my future. I didn't do anything special but I did have a few drinks after home. I have been busy working and getting ready for the big move. I will celebrate Cinco de Mayo once I am in Las Cruces.

So...what is left to do:

- Pack a few more boxes/totes with last- minute items

  • Get the timing belt installed on Little Nicky

  • Find a travel trailer

  • Save even more money!

I have these four major things to do all before July 30th. I have been looking at travel trailers a little and I will purchase one next month.

This weekend has been all about relaxing. Relaxing is my weekend project. Sometimes it is great to just take a break from life and focus on one's self. I am in bed relaxing, catching up on my shows, sipping wine, and loving life. I got all of the laundry done and I enjoyed not doing much else.

So...a few CRUSH IT moments:

  • Visited a gallery – the first visit in years – I checked out a miniature art showing.

  • Read all of my emails and processed critical emails

  • Washed my winter coat and washed bed sheets

  • Had a great Diva Day on Saturday – it was all about me!

Welcome to MY SOON to be Life In ‘Cruces!!


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Life In 'Cruces - U-Hauling and Sore

The first load of boxes and totes are in the storage and I am sore from all the moving.

My adventure in moving to Las Cruces started on Friday, April 30th at the UHaul store in Albuquerque. Actually...I was at the True Value Hardware Store on Eubank because UHaul decided to change not only my reservation time (which was 7 a.m.) but also my pick-up location (which was a 5-minute walk from my apartment). I kept my cool for the most part and got my truck around 8:20 a.m. It only took an extra hour and a 10-minute bus ride to the new location.

Once I was back to my apartment, it took me three hours to load the truck – which was not bad! I was beyond sore after walking all of those boxes down a flight of steps. But I got it ALL done and hit the highway around 11:30 a.m. The drive was easy...I drove 80 to 85 miles per hour down I-25 and got to Las Cruces around 3:00 p.m. was an overcast day and cool in my little southern town. It took me about 2 ½ hours to unload and turn in the truck. I was too beat down to really enjoy CRUSHING this task though.

The remainder of the afternoon/evening was spent eating, drinking, relaxing, and eating some more.

Welcome to MY SOON to be Life In ‘Cruces!!


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Life In 'Cruces -
Launch of Life In ‘Cruces Website

It is finally

After a few months of living on Nick's, Life In 'Cruces is finally here and looking beautiful! I am beyond proud of myself, this new website, and all the work to make this platform happen.

I must say though...I do miss Nick's Plates and all of the dishes. But don't recipes are coming to Life In 'Cruces' main page each week. I love cooking and I just can't give up on that avenue.

Please, please, please check out all areas of my new website and tell all of your friends and family to start following me on all platforms:





So...What Have I Been Up?

Just launching a little website, working hard, and enjoying my second Volvo named Little Nicky! Next up, my first moving trip down to Las Cruces next weekend – April 30th – May 3rd! I am beyond excited. I am ready for some hot and spicy foods, lots of writing, lots of picture taking, and lots of securing deals in the little city in the south.

May Plans – The number one plan is to work and save MONEY. Also, look for a travel trailer, get Little Nicky ready for the move, and get my Baby Volvo ready for the move. On the bill front, you know I am going to CRUSH them! On the life front, walking and walking. I am going to walk until I can't walk anymore. Walking is such a release for me – a release of pain, worry, crazy thoughts, and extra weight!!

I have one phase I keep saying..."I'm “Waiting to Exhale".

Let me tell you what this means. It seems like I have been holding my breath for so many years. Just working, working, working, and no breaks. This move and lifestyle change are my “Waiting to Exhale” events. Once the move is done, I am going to let out a loud exhale and start anew!!

Welcome to MY SOON to be Life In ‘Cruces!!