Restoring My Travel Trailer

Welcome to Life In 'Cruces - Restoring TT – my adventures in restoring a vintage travel trailer as well as a 2000 Volvo V70 Cross Country.

Each week I will give an update on the restoration process. I go!

August 16th Well more than a month and I am finally settled here in Las Cruces. I have spent so much time on the apartment and not enough time on Little Nicky. I promise I will work on Little Nicky this coming weekend. I am going to clean the interior, check on installing the hitch, check on a mobile mechanic, and do a few sewing projects with the fabric I found last month. I promise I will do it and post some pics of my progress. Posting Soon!!!


July 4th has been a month since a TT post. Within this month...OMG. I signed the lease on my first apartment in Las Cruces. I am still going to do the Travel Trailer, but I am also going to maintain a home in Las Cruces. The more places to live...the better. With the lease signing, I have been really busy getting ready for the move. I really haven't worked on Little Nicky...but I am going to jump back on the car projects once I move. I am still excited about the TT project. Check out the cool fabric I found for Little Nicky...


June 6th Last Thursday kicked off with me taking Little Nicky to the shop for a timing belt. The shop, Motor Werks, was able to locate a repair sticker stating that the timing belt had been done at 180,000 miles. Little Nicky only has 210,500 Nicky didn't need the belt replaced after all. My big boy only needed front brakes, discs and an air filter installed. I only had to spend $364 instead of $700. I am beyond HAPPY!!

Today...I cleaned the stickers off of the back of Little Nicky and cleaned the windows. All I need to do is wash the big boy and move on to my next project.


May 11th, 2021 – Well...this week I have a date of when I am putting Little Nicky in for his timing belt chain – Friday, June 4th. Yeah Me!! I found a shop that is charging me less than $700 to replace the timing belt, the water pump, related gaskets, and flush the cooling system. While this repair is being made, I am going to pick up the ball and supplies needed to pull a travel trailer.

Meanwhile, I am going to start cleaning the inside of Little Nicky. I am also going to remove the backseats from the vehicle.

Check Out this cool V70XC pulling an Airstream -


May 1st, 2021 - Well…I am happy with my purchase of the Volvo V70 XC, known as Little Nicky. I am going to use this station wagon to pull a travel trailer. My next step in this project is purchasing a travel trailer. I want a vintage trailer that is not too big and not too small. I want a Shasta, but I will take any trailer no matter the brand. If I don’t get a Shasta, I can get the Shasta logos and brand the trailer as a Shasta. My timeline for trailer purchasing is by the end of June.

So…my May plans are:
Get the timing belt done on the V70
Clean the V70
Get the hitch installed on the V70
Save for the travel trailer

So…my June plans are:
Get a travel trailer and get the registration completed
Take the V70 and travel trailer down to Las Cruces
Draw up the remodel plans for the travel trailer

So…my July plans are:
Get the bathroom up and running in the travel trailer
Get the kitchen up and running in the travel trailer
Start the travel trailer restoration project