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Life In 'Cruces - Jan 2023 Recap

January is DONE and I am loving February. I had a great month. January was so long, so busy, so new, and so EXTRA. I want to start the recap with the number of pounds I dropped – 18 pounds and I am on target to get below 200 pounds in the next week. YEAH ME!!

On the diet front, I feel great and I completed most of the steps in the Whole 30 plan. I did have some cheese but I stayed away from most things I cannot have in the plan. I got in my exercise and I had my apple cider vinegar mixture at least every other day. I am continuing the Whole 30 plan for the next 11 months. is the recap...

- I let one job go and increased my hours on another job. I applied for an evening job and I start next weekend. So...job count is still at 5.

- I managed to walk more in January and I reduced the number of calories I take in every day.

- I now work at least two days in El Paso, Texas, and on those days, I don't eat much food.

- I had a great trip to Tucson earlier in the month and I have decided to move there in four years. So...Life In 'Cruces will change to Life In Tucson.

- I got all the supplies to build my closet shelving unit - all the stuff was FREE.

- I reorganized my closet and created outfits for this year. I only need 30 pairs of pants to complete my 2023 outfits.

- I am learning my way around El Paso. It is a big city.

- I didn't attend many events here in Las Cruces during the month of January. I was too busy working and working on dropping the pounds.

- I got the projector I wanted for only $10. I can't wait to set it up in my living room.

- It feels good to have realigned my jobs. I still manage to get off each day by 4 p.m.

- I did great on my No Spend Diet. I only spent around $800 for the month of January.

- The weather has been great here, and I have loved the sunny skies and less rain.

- I ended January by going to bed early.

Well...I am loving February and I am loving these pounds falling off!!

Welcome to MY Life In ‘Cruces!!


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