Summer Prep 2024

I am so excited...Summer 2024 kicks off next weekend and this year I can enjoy a 3-day weekend. OMG! I already have my “Things to Do List” made and ready to launch this Friday. You know I am going to grill something healthy, go on some long walks, see the sunrise, see the sunset, and read some books.

Life In ‘Cruces Activities

If you are in Southern New Mexico next weekend, check out these events:

New Mexico Wine Festival - Las Cruces at the Southern New Mexico State Fair & Rodeo - Saturday, May 25, 2024, through Monday, May 27, 2024. Click here to check out the event's website. Southern New Mexico State Fair & Rodeo is off of I-10 West - 12125 Robert Larson Blvd. If you don't feel like driving, shuttles are available through some local vendors.

Veterans Memorial Park - go check out the park dedicated to honor veterans. The park is located at 1251 N Roadrunner Pkwy, Las Cruces. Bring a picnic or grab some carry-out before going.

Young Park - always a go-to park for fishing, bird watching, picnics, classic cars, and just about anything else. The park is at 1905 Nevada Ave close to Lohman Ave.

A Flower on Every Grave at Fort Bliss National Cemetery. This event is on Memorial Day, May 27th, and is a great way to honor veterans. The cemetery is at 5200 Fred Wilson Blvd., El Paso, TX. Roses are available to purchase during the event and if you are unable to attend, you can donate online. Click here to donate. If you would like to sponsor this event, click here.

Cooking In The 575 – Nick’s Sexy Mocktail

2 oz lime juice
3 cups sparkling water
5 ice cubes
1 oz honey syrup
1 bottle Fever Tree Yuzu Lime Soda
Fancy glasses

You need this Mocktail...LOL!!

In a blender, combine lime juice, sparkling water, and ice cubes. Blend on “High” until ice is crushed and then add honey syrup and Fever Tree Yuzu Lime Soda. Blend on “Medium” for 2 minutes. Let the mocktail rest for 1 minute and then serve this drink in fancy glasses.


My Summer 2024 Plans Big Summer 2024 Plans. This summer is all about my birthday, reading, and continuing my Whole 30 Life.

For my birthday, I am refreshing my home office. I just purchased a new HP Laserjet printer and I am waiting until August 1st to set it up. I am getting a new desk, new accessories, and new decorations for my office. I can’t wait to start on this project. I am hoping to finish it on Saturday, August 10th. You already know I am going to post pictures.

On my reading journey, I want to read at least 3 books and do some mini-reviews. I am almost finished with Eat, Pray, Love. I have been enjoying this book.

On my Whole 30 Life journey, I want to reach my goal weight by August 1st. I have a weigh-in this Friday and I have to schedule my next weigh-in. I will probably schedule it for Thursday, August 1st. August 1st is the end of so much and the start of so much.

Well – I am off to complete some projects and love today!

Crushing and Loving Life!!