2024 Goals Update

July is almost halfway done and I am in my LEO and BIRTHDAY mode. I am loving so much this month but I am also going through a lot of IBS/stomach problems. So...I decided today to stop drinking coffee. WHAT? Yes...coffee is so bad for my stomach and I officially stopped drinking it today – Saturday, July 20th.

Well...I had hot tea this morning and I feel OK. For the last 3 weeks, I have had bloating, gas, stomach pains, and other IBS issues and I did some research and found coffee is a trigger for not only IBS, but also a trigger for flushing the GI tract. I sort of knew this years ago. I guess I wasn’t ready to ditch coffee. I have a lot of tea – both bags and leaves – and I like hot tea but not as much as coffee. Click here to read more about IBS/coffee issues.

And...I am also ditching any supplements for the next three weeks. I am hoping to get my stomach better before my birthday. I feel fine when I don’t eat or consume IBS triggers but all of my favorite foods are triggers.

So...I am supplement-, coffee-, and IBS trigger-free until at least August 8th. Once my birthday hits, I am going to enjoy some tacos and Mexican food and then I going back on my “ditching” exercise.

Now...it is time for a little 2024 Goal Update…

- My home office makeover is DONE!

- I love my new television!

- I got all the decorations and stuff for my Taco Bar Birthday party at work.

- I am ready to announce my two new adventures on August 1st.

- I am maintaining my weight and still going to the gym. With this IBS reset, I am going to push my fitness journey a little harder so I can get to my ideal weight faster.

- I met my 2024 Spending Goals.

- I met my 2024 Decluttering Goals.

- I am still working on Little Mable and loving her.

- I am saving money but need to work harder on this goal.

- I am still reading but I need to study my Spanish more.

Well...let me get to cleaning and trying to resolve my IBS/stomach issues!

Crushing and Loving Life!!