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Life In 'Cruces – Ready for Summer 2023

I am more than ready for Summer 2023. I think I have finally gotten all four jobs under control and I can finally have ME time again. Thank God all the crazy work projects are done – Mother’s Day displays, Graduation displays, regular displays, and even Father’s Day displays. I am back to regular hours on all of my jobs and no more overtime.

Well...What Are Your Summer 2023 Plans?

I don’t really have any. I am taking each day step by step. I am not even going to list things I want to do...I am going to pick something to do at the start of each day. I have my Big 50th Book chocked full of things to do. So...I am going to pull something out of the book and JUST DO IT!

I am too afraid to list any of the activities in the Big 50th Book.

The Reason Why You Are Not Listing Things To Do?

Well...since 2023 went off the tracks back in March, I stopped planning out the year. I have been just living day to day and taking life as it comes. I know this is SOOO not me but with this year...it is already fucked up. I am just trying to stay positive and live. I have already canceled all my 50th Birthday stuff. I have also moved all my goal completion dates to 2024.

That Sounds Like FEAR...What Is Really Going On?

Yes...it is FEAR and I have never been fear-based. A lot of people live in fear and this year has forced me to try living in a fear state. Fear sucks but this year has proved to be one big bag of hot shit sitting outside in 150 degree F heat. Trust me though...once 2023 is over, I am going back to my life of planning, taking risks, being in charge, and not letting anything stop me.

One Thing You Are Looking Forward To?

Surviving! I have nothing to hope for but to stay alive!

Welcome to MY Life In ‘Cruces!!


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