February 2024 Recap

OMG...the Month of Love is about to end. It was just Feb 1st the other day. Well...here we are at the last week of February and I am afraid to see March. March is usually a really bad month with lots of drama, hard work, changes in EVERYTHING, and one hot mess after another.

Soo...this year I am going to manifest POSITIVE thoughts and POSITIVE everything for March. I am going to do some spiritual work this new week to welcome March. The first day of the month is this Friday and I am going to put it out there – a positive day and beginning.

Alright...enough about March. Here is the recap of February:

- The month went by too fast – point blank! Just went on by and didn’t care. LOL!!

- I paid off one major bill and reduced the totals on two bills.

- I stayed on my gym journey.

- I had a great time at a friend’s going away party. The party was at Olive Garden and the food was WONDERFUL!

- I got some parts for Little Mable – my vintage convertible.

- I got my first high-end planner – a Louis Vuitton planner. I LOVE IT!!

- I stayed on my Whole 30 Journey and I am excited to CRUSH the next month's lifestyle goals before my doctor's visit in April.

- I stayed on track with my reading and my Spanish lessons.

- I survived a lot of difficult work projects.

- I had a fun Movie Night right after Valentine’s Day.

- I didn’t stay on my Spending Diet but I am getting back on it.

- I loved the warm days of February and I am ready for Spring in the next few weeks.

Well...there is the recap and I am ready to head to the gym!

Crushing and Loving Life!!