Life Audit 2024

Happy June!!

I am so glad it is HOT and SUNNY. And when I say is 105+ here in Las Cruces on most days. Hot...Hot!

Well...I am finally getting around to doing a Life Audit

What is a Life Audit? is an assessment of your life at this point in time. As you may know, I am on a journey that includes refreshing my ENTIRE life – mind, body, soul, career, friends, and EVERYTHING else. This journey started last August when I turned 50.

Step 1: Reflect on Your Values and Priorities

My values – I am a hard worker, believe in doing the right thing, believe in focusing on goals instead of dreams, and I believe in putting yourself first. I also don’t trust anyone and I don’t like asking ANYONE for ANYTHING. I cannot accept the word “NO” – NO is not part of my world. I really live in my own world.

My be happy and content with myself, to reach all of my goals, to retire in 11 years, to be debt-free, and to enjoy this life to the fullest!

My Successes...include my change in diet and body, my recent change in careers, my streamlining life journey, and putting myself first in ALL areas of life.

Step 2: Assess Your Current Situation

I am currently working on my body goals – I am keeping my GOAL WEIGHT a secret because it is my journey. My current situation also includes learning a new career, embracing my Whole 30 life, and learning to CRUSH daily goals.

My 1 to 10 Current Situation Scale
(With 10 being “Doing Very Well” and 1 being “Not Doing Very Well”)

Business/Career - 8
Finances - 7
Health - 9
Family & Friends - 5
Personal Development - 9
Fun & Recreation - 8
Contribution to Society - 8
Mental & Educational - 8
Physical & Health - 9
Social & Cultural - 7
Spiritual & Ethical - 8

Make a list of the things you love about that area and another with the things you are not the biggest fan of...

I love my Personal Development but hate my lack of new social interactions. I want to attend more events and meet more EXCITED ABOUT LIFE people.

Take a moment to reflect on patterns or habits that may be contributing to your dissatisfaction or hindering your progress.

I need to find more social interactions with artists and positive individuals.

Step 4: Create Action Plans

Health – I am already on my HEALTH journey.
Mind – I am fixing my mind and tossing out negative thoughts.
Body - I am already on my BODY journey.
Soul - I am already on my SOUL-finding journey.

Preparing for potential obstacles...

I stay positive, recognize evil elements trying to derail me, and I push through. I let negative people and things go. I don’t even give second chances – once it is fucked up...I let it go.

Step 5: Implement Changes Gradually

August 1st is my Major Changes Day and the start of my Next Season. My birthday is August 8th and I can’t wait to see 51 and my progress.

Step 6: Monitor Your Progress

I track my progress on LIC and on other platforms like Notion.

Step 7: Cultivate Self-Compassion

I am always passionate about my life!! I am loving life fully right now. Welcome to my Whole 30 journey!!

Crushing and Loving Life!!