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Life In 'Cruces – December Is Finally Here!

Hello December!! You are finally here and I am ready to kiss you and 2023 GOODBYE!!

The month everyone has been waiting for is here! I can’t believe the last month of the year is already three days in and I am so pumped up right now. I already have 2024 planned but I am keeping my plans on the hush. But I can tell you one thing though – some major changes are going on behind the scenes in my life. I am just going to stop there and move on to my next point.

In other news, Life In ‘Cruces is getting a redesign next month. It is time for a fresh look, a change in content, and something different. I am ready for major changes on all of my online platforms.

So what is really going on? I had a busy but fun week last week. My mother was in town for her birthday and we ate at a lot of new places for us like Bubba’s, Lorenzo's, and Chilitos Restaurant as well as a few favorites like Pecan Grill and Hacienda de Mesilla

Check out my Instagram page for pictures of the food and drinks.

So...for the next few weeks...I am going to diet, exercise, work on home and web projects, and just wrap up 2023. I know this month is going to fly by because this crazy year moved along very quickly. 

On the Christmas front, I didn't decorate this year and I am only Christmas shopping for my mom. I am just not feeling Christmas 2023. And since Christmas is on a Monday, I am not even going to celebrate it. I am off from all jobs that day and I am going to stay in bed and just relax. 

So...I have officially canceled Christmas 2023.

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