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Life In 'Cruces – Goodbye Summer 2023

Fall is coming - Saturday, September 23, 2023, at 2:50 a.m. EDT here in America. Let me repeat...fall is COMING!! I am even looking forward to this new season, new time, and next to the last chapter of 2023.

I don’t even know where to start in wrapping up this summer. I am writing this from my living room. I went to an event this afternoon downtown and I even had a picnic downtown. It was a nice event/dinner. I normally don’t write a post on Fridays but I just had to end summer with a look back at this long, hot, crazy, low-down, dirty summer.

I shouldn’t even dog the summer out but it was not what I expected...here is the breakdown…

- I don’t even know when the summer started. I worked so many hours this summer that I lost track of days and nights.

- I didn’t go on any of the trips I had planned for 2023.

- I turned 50 during the middle of a heat wave. Las Cruces, as well as other towns and cities within the southwest, was going through a 110+ heat wave.

- I did get to visit Tombstone, Arizona, and see a few tiny towns here in southern New Mexico.

- I dumped a lot of toxic people from my life. I am at peace now and finally happy after 11 dark years of life filled with negative, toxic, and shitty folks.

- I regretted the job I took back in February and I still regret it. I am going to try and stay on that job through December.

- I closed the Book of My 40s and I am planning on burning that book on New Year’s Eve.

- I crushed some of my goals but not all of them. I am resetting my goals on October 1st.

- Tina Turner died.

- I am finally at peace with yesteryear and I only live in the present. I am excited for my future. 

Well...that is IT on summer 2023. I am going to stay awake and welcome in the new season. I can’t wait!!

Welcome to MY Life In ‘Cruces!!